Rich in antioxidants from all natural, organic ingredients and sweeteners, Composure’s Organic Sparkling Green Tea is produced by the perfect balance between nature and science. Their formula of combining these ingredients has been clinically tested to perfection, enabling consumers’ bodies to absorb the tea’s nutrients as effectively as possible in order to replenish their bodies, relax their minds, and rejuvenate their souls – helping them achieve an inner-balance of their own.

Having been given their desired target market, it was my job to create a branding, packaging, and advertisement designs based around this. With these desired consumers described to be intellectual, tranquil, innovative, and healthy—with having interests in things like CBD oil, protein-boosted smoothies, Neil Degrasse Tyson and similar podcasts, isolation tanks, and hybrid-vehicles—I decided to focus the brand image more-so around the technologically advanced aspects of the beverage. With this, I designed the can’s imagery in a dot and line geometrical style to represent that of a molecular breakdown, emphasizing the beverage’s scientific, yet natural formula and its benefits.


Composure Organic Sparkling Green Tea Flavors - Citrus, Strawberry, Mint
Composure Mint Flavor
Composure Strawberry Flavor


In addition to designing the individual advertisements, I was responsible for determining their placements. Based on the described target market, I chose to create a print ad that would be in one of the many medical magazines that touch on health and technological advancements within the field, such as HealthTech or Prevention. Alongside this, I made a larger-scale version to be printed and displayed on the walls of modern gyms and studios, as well as a digital version for their TVs and displays.

Health/Medical Technology Magazine Ad
Upscale Gym/Studio Display Ad