NLE Choppa has become one of the biggest emerging names in hip-hop/rap today, becoming the #1 Billboard Emerging Artist, BMI Social Star winner, and the center of a multi-million dollar record label bidding war nearly at the start of his career, his trajectory continues to show no limit. I began working with Choppa when he had only one song released, “Shotta Flow”. Seeing his true potential early on, I knew I could help bring him to the next level by making his graphics compete with top-tier, well-established artists’, right from the beginning of his career. As his audience began to grow, I continued to push the quality of his visuals which helped shape his image and solidify him as an artist who’s serious about his craft. In doing so, and by working with his later assigned marketing team, I helped Choppa in growing from a small independent artist, to signing a distribution deal with UnitedMasters, to now signing a major deal with Warner Records, from the ground up.



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