Crash Rarri is a Los Angeles based rapper originally from Cleveland, OH. Growing up on the blocks where Fairwood Ave. and Southfield Dr. S intersect (see “223 Freestyle” single cover), Rarri found himself surrounded by Crip gang members. With the surrounding gang’s primary color being blue, it was important to carry that theme across everything I designed for him for him, especially the logo, in order to accurately represent and remind people of where he’s from and these challenges he overcame – He’s someone who’s true to himself and still embraces his identity despite having made it out of his troubling gang-filled environment, even tweeting ”Too many politics in the industry, but I’ll never switch up, at the end of the day imma musician and a businessman all colors aside.”, showing his determination to escape from that lifestyle/image but without falsely painting a picture of himself as someone he’s not. In his music and videos, Rarri depicts those dark times which also heavily influenced the direction of his artwork to incorporate a dark, grunge-like feel. These aspects can be seen throughout, enabling the single covers to collectively build up to the “Ghetto” album artwork.


Color Palette:





"Ghetto" Album Artwork

With the “Ghetto” artwork, my goal was to bridge the gaps between where he came from, where he is now, and where he’s planning on going with his life/career. From behind him, you see the blue, roach-filled, crumbling bathroom resembling one that could be found in his Cleveland neighborhood, symbolizing it as the past he plans to put behind him. But in the mirror you see a very luxurious bathroom with a view overlooking the California hills, and with the only blue being seen on his clothing, not in his environment – metaphorically showing us the future he sees for himself.

Single Covers & Tour Flyers